The Breakfast Club is a multi-dimensional collective of eleven performers and choreographers from all over Europe and Israel. Its members are Asaf Aharonsson, Cécile Bally, Stine Frandsen, Marc Philipp Gabriel, Renen Itzhaki, Julek Kreutzer, Anna Lena Lehr, Tabea Xenia Magyar, Liselotte Singer, Emma Tricard, Nir Vidan and Kasia Wolinska.

The collective was formed in 2014 in Berlin, when we met on the occasion of our studies at the Inter-University Centre for Dance. It successfully continues to exist beyond the institutional frame and we have been working together for the past 6 years in multiple ways: We have been outside-eyes, light-designers, technicians, dramaturgs, dialogue-partners and performers in each other’s work, have invited work of Brekkies whenever possible and collaborated on the creation of new pieces and events.

Beyond this, the Breakfast Club aims at providing a stable and supportive network of fellow artists and therefore creates regular events that gather the whole group, one of them being the “Nomadic Residency”.