Mézières FR


June 22th – July 3rd 2017.  In a “hameau” called Mézières in the south of Paris we invest the house of the parents of Cécile and the farm of her uncle for our 4rth and this time exclusively female edition of the Nomadic Residency.



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With some left over money from the residency in Bisserup we manage to cover the cost of the delicious food we get here (cheese, jam, bread, cheese, and more). Many fruits are also to grab outside in the garden; a huge cherry tree is collapsing under red juicy fruits, red and white currants accompany our cream cheese. It feels like abundance.

Slowly the planning of the week starts. Having no public event or transmission planned we are free to design our time here how we want it.

We pick up on a proposition that we didn’t explore the year before; trying, through different long durational experiments, to discover what “is” or how does “feel” the soul of the Breakfast Club, without adopting the more or less classical format of one person leading the others through an aspect of one own’s research. Having only a time and a space frame, without further instructions or framing, what will we actually create together ?  What is the taste of our group synergy ?

We maintain that format throughout the week in blocks of 2 to 4 hours. Nobody knows how to describe the experience but something is there. We end up inventing many games. We punctuate that format with smaller activities; silent walks at different hours of the day, writing exercises, dance practice, Stine present the works she did the past years in Denmark. We catch up.

The constellation this year is quite special and unexpected; we are only women present (it is always difficult to find a moment in which everybody can commit). It marks our daily routine and involve a lot of disscussions about peeing, about the order of the world and having children, about the emotional burst that we always experience in the Breakfast Club. We feel that through commiting to the collective over the years we identify better and better the sources of anxiety that are triggered in each of us when we come together. We realize it lies in subtle daily habits or in the way we differently engage in conversation (from rethoric, to speaking close to oneself, to being a women…).

The exchanges are rich, the food is good, the weather let us a bit wet but we have fun with living umbrellas, the daily life in the group is intense. We are only 6 people this time but it is already enough to turn decision making into existential conversations.

Of course we would not live before exploring a minimum of our environment: we punctuate the artistic time with grocery shopping in the closest market, a visit in the famous Château de Chambord (architect Leonardo da Vinci) and conclude with la Fête de la Braise and its giant barbecue + DJ in Ouzouer-le-Marché !


This residency was made possible with the suppport of the Bally family.