Nomadic Residency

The “Nomadic Residency” is a week-long residency which is dedicated to a specific theme and happens every year in a different home country and house of one of the Brekkies. It as well offers us the unique opportunity to come together after a year-long intake of information and travel and it provides a suitable environment for reflection, inspiration, exchange and recovery. It is a chance for practicing alternatives to the precariously individualizing conditions of the contemporary art market (one is constantly on the move, trying to promote one’s own work, competing against one’s peers). The “Nomadic Residency” is an initiative by and for artists. It is an initiative from within our community which bypasses the institutional framework of theater or dance-houses and curators and emphasizes mutual support and solidarity. Until now, we’ve been dancing in the garden of a Polish cottage, constructed an outdoor stage in the French Pyrenees and performed in 7 different sites of a tiny tourist town on the Danish coast, improvised in the midst of fields in the french farming country side and traveled in the desert in Israel/Palestine.