Kaszuby PL



1st of June to 7th of June 2015. Kaszuby, Polish countryside near Gdansk. We wish to instil some common in our final graduation event, to think more of the graduation of all of us than of each of us. The parents of Kasia graciously lend us their house surrounded by a big garden and behind the fences, the forest.

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In order to make decisions towards the organisation of the event we decide that we need to spend an extensive and intensive time together somewhere out of Berlin. We convince the university of the viability of our proposal and get travel and food expenses covered.

Here we are, 12 people eating breakfast, lunch, diner together. The first thing is to plan the cooking shifts. A sheet of paper on the fridge is pined down for us to write our names. Then the organisation of the days; a first draft has already been made:

One day in Poland
7.00-8.00   Digging for Mary daily practice or another daily practice
9.00-10.00 Breakfast
10.00-12.00 Activities slot/ working time/ morning practice
12.00-13.00  2 people preparing the lunch each day
13.00-14.00  Lunch
14.30-17.30  Activities slot/ working time
17.30-19.30  Break/free time/ 2 people preparing dinner each day
19.30 Dinner
21.00-23.00  Souper Club ( night activities/ culture/ discussion/ reflection) + announcement of the next day schedule
23.00…. night people entertainment with respect to needs of morning people
* in the course of the week we will dedicate two three meeting ( either within the scheduled slots or during meal times) to discuss the graduation event/ assessment module 12
**there’s a possibility to take part in Corpus Christi celebration procession on the 4th of June in the town nearby

In order to be able to link our presentations in a fluid way we need to know more about each others subjects. Between (long rounds of) disscussion, sharing practices, walks and swim at the lake and the proximity created through living in the same house we slowly build up a schedule for the three days of our final assessments.

We also have to find a title, write a short text and take a picture for an event in Amsterdam in partnership with the School for New Dance Development. Resonating with their title’s event “A drop of tear in the field of glory” we decide for “A drop of blood in your mother’s coffee”. A round of thoughts around a barbecue and we come up with the text;

Fresh from Berlin: a crystal new generation of choreographers showing their works while hosted by their Amsterdam peers. In a yearly exchange with SNDO (School for New Dance Development Amsterdam), graduate students of HZT (Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz) Berlin will show projects and ideas they have been working on in the context of their studies. Having spent three years together, they have been shaping each other and their artistic work through what the American philosopher Donna Haraway has named a process of “constant becoming with” — and they have become pretty good in it. Now, the future lies bright ahead with all its promises and doubts.
They would like to share this moment with you; curious to hear what you think; eager to discuss questions raised.
All theories are at a point of convergence (Marc).
We are having difficulties in our body (Emma).
We halt and look at dead fish (Didi).
There’s a man who belongs to the future (Nir).
A house in Poland (Kasia).
We are nude, just because (Cécile).
A drop of blood fell into your mother’s coffee (Julek).
We actually have to decide the way beforehand (Stine).
It’s either the 80’s, or the Renaissance (Liselotte).
Some slept as a cure, some escaped (Tabea).
Someone is pouring liquid flowers into the lake (Asaf).
I am disappointed you didn’t think I was Gene Kelly (Renen).

Between all these tasks we still find time to watch two movies and to go walking to the Corpus Christi procession in a small town near by. After many plates of pierogis (a typical polish dish) we come back happy, to enjoy our last day before taking back the train to Berlin.

Our graduation event was a success, the fluidty of the transitions between the presentations very appreciated and of course we have to thank the famous duo Céline & Renena for their fantastic hosting of the audience and professors !

This residency was funded by HZT Berlin, and happened with the support of the Wolinska Family.