The Breakfast Club is flying to the desert!

This year, the nomadic residency will happen in the home country of three (!) of our members: Israel/Palestine. What has been long discussed will thus finally happen this year and we are busy organizing, finding funds, buying travels and finding our way through the muddy business of state politics. Stay posted for more information or get in touch if you’d like to invite or sponsor us 🙂

Featured Artist VI: Igor Kretzu

Most of the time Igor works for artists: He installs artworks in gallerys or people’s homes, and conducts complicated manufacturing procedures.

In our exhibition he’ll be showing a couple of objects made of wood. They are beautifully crafted miniatures of what he imagines to be landscape-architectural elements.

He is also the only one to contribute photographical works.



Featured Artist V: Asaf Aharonson

Asaf has been enganging in various continous practices, ranging from not speaking for a month to running a kilometer with closed eyes and bare feet.

In the exhibition he’ll be showing three practices involving paper: drawings, poems and embroidery. The embroiderings are part of his plan to meet Anne Carson and begin a dialogue with her – have a look in the booklet if you’re curious as to how this plan would work.


Exhibition Booklet

Between rehearsing, picking up beamers and tech material, buying magnets and recording bells we managed to put together this beautiful booklet.

It features all the exhibited works in alphabetical order. Here are some titles: BACTERIA LOVE, SWEET RELEASE, SONGS FROM SLEEP, I SAVED THE QUEEN…

Featured Artist IV: rad fuer alle

During one full year the three members of rad fuer alle have taken it on themselves to engange in the nearly impossible task of producing one EP (one music album) every week. Yes, every week. Having sometimes had more time for this challenge, sometimes less, the outcome is a lot of things – suprising, weird, entertaining, beautiful, moving, disturbing, funny, boring. It can be discovered here:

We are looking forward to an equally suprising contribution to our exhibition.

Featured Artist III: Gretchen Blegen

Another marvellous contribution comes from Gretchen Blegen. Over the last 6 years Gretchen dedidcated two hours every morning to her book-making practice. Producing one book each month she’s made 74 books so far. Looking for the right ways of how people should encounter the books she invented a lending practice. Upon request you can borrow a book, take it home, and spend as much time with it as you need.

We are truly honored that she lent a year’s worth of books and can’t wait to share them with you.

Featured Artists II: Claudia Grigg Edo

Another beautiful contribution to our exhibition ist from Claudia Grigg Edo. Over the past few months Claudia has been stripping packages of their labels and, by coating the packages in photopgraphic emulsion she has exposed new labels directly on the objects.

The labels she chose to make show different parts of her body – a practice, that evokes capitalist marketing  strategies, as well as the SELFIE and plays with a range of implications of a female exhibitionst impulse.


Featured Artist I: Tessa Broadby

Next week the exhibiton How Do We Connect? dedicated to daily/regular artistic practices is taking place in Dock11.

One of our featured artists is the Australian dance-maker Tessa Broadby. Over the past two years she has collected a number of wigs, composing them into makeshift sculptures when the occasion arose. She considers them a way of radically engaging with what’s relevant in the here and now.

We are curious to discover what that will be.

Image: Gregory Lorenzutti